Multibar 300/500 fully-automatic shearline with ABL module

Shearline with high cutting capacity and automated bar loading from Ø12mm up to Ø50mm

  • Shearline with unique integrated ABL module for automatic selecting, counting, and loading with new bars
  • Available with roller conveyors and cutting machine in 300 mm or 500 mm width
  • High cutting performance even with smaller diameters due to high roller conveyor speed and high cutting speed
  • Dimensioning with fixed measuring stops every 500 mm and mobile cutting machine for quick and dimensionally stable cutting of small and large series
  • Optimum utilization of the internal storage pockets on both sides next to the measuring table through automatic positioning and ejection of the cut material
  • Intelligent PLC control with touch panel, easy-to-use user interface, cutting optimization, online support, network connection or barcode scanner
  • Unsurpassed build quality and robustness, minimal maintenance and low downtime
  • Modular structure, adaptable to customer needs
  • Possible integration of a double bending line

Multibar cutting capacity at 850N/mm²

Bar diameter Ø8 Ø10 Ø12 Ø16 Ø20 Ø25 Ø28 Ø32 Ø40 Ø50
Multibar 300 max. bars per cycle 30 28 22 16 14 10 9 8 6 2
Multibar 500 max. bars per cycle 55 46 37 28 22 18 16 14 8 4

Rotating magazine

  • The rotating ABL magazine significantly saves floor space compared to the traditional flatbed magazine.

Bundling machine

  • Automated bundling of bars after cutting.
  • Eliminates bundling bars by hand, shorter downtime of machines.
  • Ability to bundle multiple bundles together in a master bundle.


  • Automatic storage of bars after bundling.
  • Saves on storage space and reduces crane movement.
  • Creates a safer work environment.

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