SE150-V Rebar cutting machine

Vertical cutting machine for bars up to Ø50mm at 850N/mm²

  • Blade width 150 mm
  • Hydraulic cutting up to 14 strokes per minute
  • Operated with 2-handed safety control
  • Shielded cutting area
  • Low noise level hydraulic pump
  • Hydraulic clamp to hold bars while cutting
  • The SE150 is also available in a horizontal version
  • Available with cutting blade on the left or right side

SE150-V Cutting capacity at 850N/mm²

Bar diameter Ø6 Ø8 Ø10 Ø12 Ø14 Ø16 Ø20 Ø25 Ø28 Ø32 Ø40 Ø50
Max. number of bars per cut 18 15 13 11 9 8 6 4 3 2 1 1

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