SBS30 Rebar bending machine

Bending machine for bars up to Ø25mm at 850N/mm²

  • Angle adjustment by means of indexing pins and angle selection system
  • Up to 3 angles can be set for each direction of rotation
  • Foot pedals for operation in both bending directions
  • Maintenance-free gear, 2 bending speeds
  • Equipped with hardened counter rails for perfect fitting of pins
  • Complete with tools: bending pins, centre pin and bending rollers in diameter (mm): Ø44, Ø50, Ø60, Ø80, Ø100 and Ø125
  • Flat counter holder for stirrups
    Further tools and different roll diameters are available on request (available from stock)

SBS30 bending capacity

Number of bars per bend 1 2 3 4 6
450 N/mm² Ø32 Ø25 Ø20 Ø14 Ø10
650 N/mm² Ø28 Ø20 Ø18 Ø12 Ø10
850 N/mm² Ø25 Ø20 Ø14 Ø12 Ø10

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