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Coil clamp CC2-900

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The latest generation of this coil clamp is suitable for moving (rebar) coils of 3 and 5-tons. An automatic mechanical system inside the clamp makes picking up and lifting a coil very easy. If the clamp is placed in the coil it will automatically switch to lifting state. By then lifting up the clamp is fixed in the coil and the coil can be moved. By dropping the coil onto an underground the clamp relaxes and the coil is automatically released. This product comes with a Lloyd's approval certificate.

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Minimum diameter inside rebar coil:      860 mm

Maximum diameter inside thread roll:    900 mm


Lifting capacity:                                   5000 kg

Own weight:                                         130 kg

Minimum width:                                    830 mm

Maximum width:                                    920 mm

Minimum lifting diameter:                      Ø860 mm

Maximum lifting diameter:                     Ø900 mm

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