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Multibar 300/500 fully-automatic cutting line with ABL Module

High capacity line, equipped with our worldwide unique ABL module.

Fully automated rebar cutting line, with automatic selection and collection of rebar of diameter Ø12 up to Ø50mm. Due to optimized servo drives, accurate counting and fast processing the output of a comparable cutting line can be either achieved or even raised. Manual labour of loading the bars is eliminated. This saves on man-power and improves the working condition of the employees, while raising production figures.  

After selecting and counting of bars the selection of bars is dropped into an intermediate buffer (while the cutting line is processing the previous job) on the rebar shearline.  

By integrating extensive logistics around the shearline and integrating double benders we provide a modern high capacity automatic rebar cutting line, at highest quality level.


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  • Elimination of manual bar loading, reduction of manpower;
  • Innovative design;
  • Proven stable and robust machine for continuous usage;
  • Optimized servo drives for maximum processing speeds, higher productivity compared to traditional cutting systems;
  • Accurate bar selecting and counting, prevent production of wrong numbers;
  • Many pockets possible for maximum optimization and reduction of scrap;
  • Available in all required lengths;
  • Wide range of bar diameters (Ø12 – Ø50) to be processed on one machine.
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