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Multiple radii bender SBR60

The robust SBR60 produces radius- and spiral reinforcing steel bars up to a diameter of 40mm

The SBR60's memory function makes it easy to repeat the last used pitch. Toothed rollers provide grip for the reinforcing steel bar and the feed rate is stepless adjustable from 3.5 to 26 m/min. The adjustment setting of the pressure roller is completely computer controlled. The settings can simply be entered on a touch screen. This provides a quick and easy use of the machine. This feature makes this machine unique compared to other brands.

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  • All drives fully electric
  • Memory function for repeating last used pitch
  • Remote controller for optimal material guiding
  • Easy to use
  • Compact design


Bending capacity      
Bar diameter (mm) Ø6-Ø16  Ø20-Ø28  Ø32-Ø40 
Radius  •  •  •
Spirals  •  •  -
Minimum diameter of spirals  200  450  1000


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