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DBS3-60N rebar double bender

Automatic double bending system with a bending capacity of up to 50mm at 850 N/mm.

Double bender for automatic computer-controlled bending of reinforcing steel on one or two sides simultaneously.

The unique aspect is that this machine can also bend very short confined dimensions (up to a centre-to-centre distance of 105 cm). A hydraulic lift system is integrated into the roller conveyor. This lifts the material for bending above the bending heads of the bending machines. It is then a simple matter to load the material to be bent between the bending heads. Automatic material supports are fitted between the bending machines. These are secured to the line and have a pneumatic fold-away mechanism, which is activated automatically when necessary. They are also fitted with a pneumatic ejection system, as are both bending machines. The machine can be delivered with bending cores if required; these are used for the fully automatic rod bending process in clockwise and counter clockwise direction.

The machine is equipped with a very user-friendly and advanced control system. All values and bending shapes are entered on a touch screen and graphically displayed. Corrections, programs and equipment are all set in the control system. Furthermore, we can phone in remotely in the event of a fault or if explanation is required. The machine is available in both a left-hand and right-hand version.

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Easily accessible control panel with Touch Screen and graphical display of the end product.

If necessary, the support arms automatically rotate against the roller conveyor, also during the bending process.

Bending of a very short shape dimension is also possible (centre of pin to centre of pin 105 cm).

Large bending plate, suitable for middle roller of up to Ø400 (without auxiliary tooling) 

Very robust construction method. Bending capacity of up to Ø50mm at a tensile strength of 850 N/mm2.

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