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Bundling machine

The automated bundling and labelling technology from Schilt Engineering makes it possible to dramatically increase the productivity of a straightening machine. The machine can be placed against existing or new straightening machines of various brands and functions as a stand-alone machine that communicates with your straightening machine. Due to the modular construction, it is possible to completely adjust the logistics that can be placed after the binding machine to the wishes of the customer.

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  • Internal buffer in the binding machine ensures continuous operation of the straightening machine
  • Combination with various brands of straightening machines possible
  • Many logistical solutions possible: roller conveyors, distribution trolleys, boxes
  • Possibility to label automatically
  • Various wire thicknesses and multiple windings are possible
  • possibility to integrate a master bundle binding machine for bundling several small packages into a larger package with also thicker binding wire (4 and 5.5 mm)
  • Software on windows basis makes it possible to connect with other software packages and networks.
  • Proven and solid technology
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